Symbol: ETHtz

Contract: KT19at7rQUvyjxnZ2fBv7D9zc8rkyG7gAoU8

Trade ETH (Ethereum) on Tezos DeFi markets like Dexter and Quipuswap with the ETHtz token. ETHtz is Ethereum wrapped in the Tezos FA-token standard. 

The FA standard is Tezos' universal token standard, like what ERC is to Ethereum.


ETHtz is a stablecoin from StableTez. StableTez (Tezos Stablecoins) is a family of stablecoins that run on the Tezos blockchain and adhere to the Tezos FA token standard, which is the universal Tezos token standard.

StableTez assets, including its parent governance token SABZ are issued by the Tezos Stablecoin Foundation — a non-shareholder foundation dedicated to advancing Tezos DeFi through building infrastruture and offering resources for ecosystem support.



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